Words From Founder

The Steel Industry is making constant efforts to fulfil the steel requirements of entire mankind. our business is not just confined to providing products and earning money. We want our nation to flourish and augments its economy at a quicker pace. We are loyal to our customers and make continuous efforts to provide first class customer service.

I, Kassem Mohamad Ajami, on Behalf of the Executive Board of MetalBerg Manufacturing, we make sure that every customer gets nothing lesser than the perfect. We look forward to supporting potential clients in order to help them in gaining success for their business.

Moreover, we practice certain standards that help our employees to work in a safe environment and come up with the best products. We make sure to put our client’s interest ahead of our own, and we remember their comments, expectations and critics, to enhance our work and eventually organization accordingly.

The steel industry is not just ready to serve its clients and customers, but also prepared to make contributions in all the aspects of the economy. We work as an economic catalyst. We assess our clients' and customers' requirements and then move forward. Work with us and notice a significant difference in your company's growth.

Kassem Mohamad Ajami