Customized Steel Fabrication

Customized Steel Fabrication

Steel structure canopies and shades have various applications like shelter, Garages, Car parking structures, warehouses, cold stores, and many more. These steel structures are very strong and able to resist corrosive effects. With the modern and advanced tools of design methods and expertise, we provide lightweight steel structure canopies with high-quality standards, cheap and best in the market. Also, provide a well-experienced and skilled manpower team for installation service at the site.
Metal Berg is a steel building industry, always takes popularizing green energy-saving light steel structure buildings in the first place and is devoted to the development, popularization, research, and application of light steel structure buildings. We design and construct custom steel structures for a variety of purposes, including industrial metal parking carports. Whether you’re a commercial property landlord, a business owner, a remote parking lot monitor, or manager of another operation. We can design and build your multi-story car parks so that they are safe, easy to use, and economical. The advantage of a steel-framed car park is that the building can be designed around the car parking, and not the car parking designed around the building, as is the case with concrete car parks.

Modular Designs Nigeria

With a hard-working team and a congenial working environment. Our products are more and more perfect and variegated, not only beautiful in appearance, but also practical in many areas. We’ve got a one-stop supply of design, production, construction to marketing. The Metalberg steel manufacturer provides many practical products, like prefabricated houses, prefab schools, prefab container clinics, light steel villas, steel structure buildings, steel structure warehouse, steel structure workshop, and Modular Designs Nigeria, etc.

Steel Fabrication Industry Nigeria

Our Organization in Nigeria offers top-quality design engineering for Metal Fabrication and Production. MetalBerg Engineers can use your existing blueprints whether it be on paper, a computer CAD file. In fact, we can design and fabricate your parts based on your requirements from the “ground up”. We have worked with many different companies throughout the years within designing new-innovative ideas, updating existing ideas and products, and Steel Fabrication Industry Nigeria. We have maintained a great reputation for consistently offering top-quality design, engineering, and production results to customers. We promise sheer quality no matter how large or small the job is.

Due to the increase in steel production in Nigeria, many have begun to adopt steel structures. The structural steel plant split into vacuous and cumbrous steel structure workshops. The steel structure workshop is a type of steel structure, and the steel structure workshop has a short construction time, low cost, and practicality. Contact us with your needs.