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MetalBerg Manufacturing Limited is one of the best steel fabricators in Nigeria. We have touched hundreds of the lives with the steel products that we fabricate. Steel Factory plays a pivotal role in the life of every individual and we cannot imagine a world without steel and its products. From the transport, to the home you live in, bridges you cross, we are devoted to deliver unparalleled quality through our customised value-added solutions to make your life easier.

MetalBerg Manufacturing Limited is a Steel Factory is the first application of shaped charge blasting technique in the disassembly of heavy steel structure.

There is no worries about transportation of steel product that you have purchased, here at Metal berg industries all the things are going to managed by experts in your expected way and not let your face any kinds of issues at any stage.
There are wide range of steel products are available at MetalBerg Manufacturing Limited, as being an reputable Steel Factory its their responsibility to deliver the right steel product that you need next to the location where project are going on.
So, for what are you waiting, just visit the site and select out the right product for you. Whether you need any type of steel product at any quantity. The quality of the steel is always be best under affordable price. This MetalBerg Manufacturing Limited has been working in these sectors as a Steel Factory from past many years, and has become the clever or popular choice amongst the constructing sectors.

The steel structure warehouse building designed by MetalBerg Manufacturing Limited are ideal in storage and with cargo management solutions. Steel warehousing is a modern type of storage system. The main steel frame is composed of beams & column. The next structure is processed by C/Z shape of steel, round pipe and angle steel. An enclosed structure is made by doors, walls, roof and windows. It has the high strength, lightweight, large span, and flexible layout.

Benefits of Steel Warehousing:-

Cost Effective – Steel Warehousing is cost efficient if we compare it with the other warehousing systems. Because Steel Warehousing is mostly fabricated, its timeline can be reduced to 40% to 50% depending on the labours and constructors experience.

Faster Building Process :– Once your Steel Warehousing design is ready, experienced engineers and specialists of MetalBerg Manufacturing Limited’ Steel Factory will use the ready to erect components.

Durability :– Steel is resistant to a large number of typical threats faced by wood, such as rotting, mold, mildew, pests and fire. Plus, a well designed steel building is also resistant to wind, heavy snow load. This is why metal buildings are often the last longer than the other warehousing systems.

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