Tanks and Silo

Tanks and Silo

Tanks and Silo are widely used to store the material in a bulk quantity whether it is in liquid form or solid form. These are used for the protection of material from any contamination. Tanks and Silo are available for any material such as coal, seeds, oil, food products, and more. Tanks and Silo can be constructed with concrete material or structural steel as required. Tanks and Silo come with a wide range in Cement Storage Silo, Tower Silo, concrete stave silo, low oxygen tower silo, bunker silo, bag silo, bins, sand and salt silo, and fabric silo, etc.

Storage Tanks and Silo Solutions

In more than 2.5 decades of operation, Metalberg Steel Industry has supplied a nearly unlimited collection of Storage Tanks and Silo Solutions with 1000 of the various types of storage tanks to their customers. Our comprehensive eminent management and technical experts team assist and understand your requirement to deliver what you pay for with high quality and as per international manufacturing standards. Significantly, quality and on-time delivery is our main object when we crack a deal, hence we able to gain a large number of small and big clients and build a trustworthy relationship. Certainly, there is no doubt that our customer is our king, and also we believe in customer satisfaction.

In the main event, we concentrated on supplying customers with the most effective, secure, and safest industry storage tank services. As one of the most successful and reputed industry storage service providers in Nigeria, Metalberg Steel Industry provides different industry tanks and silos for mass storage.

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Storage Tank

Proprietor Mr. Kassem Mohamad Ajami of Metalberg Steel Industry posses with expert silo and tank design engineers, a fabrication and installation team, as well as, advanced technology tools and equipment to deliver first-class storage tank production services. By utilizing state-of-art technology we ensure that our storage tanks come with excellent sealing efficiency.

  • Pulverized Coal Storage Steel Silo Tanks

Pulverized coal is extensively utilized in several areas such as steel production and also power generation. According to the purpose, it is normally split right into: blast heating system crushed coal, central heating boiler shattered coal, commercial kiln crushed coal, and cast shattered coal, and so forth. In contemporary culture, individuals have started to make use of steel silos to keep crushed coal.

For coal storage space, we offer useful mass circulation or broadened circulation discharge systems to stop products connecting inside the silo. The Choice of the most effective product material gives our Pulverized coal storage steel storage tank an impressively high quality, smooth surface finishing, durable, and cost-efficient. Significantly, our silos and tanks can be applicable in storing coal or other fossil fuel with environmental protection.

  • Minerals and Fertilizers Plant Steel Storage Tank

With great total efficiency as well as a long life span, our steel container is extremely appropriate for saving mineral powder and also slag. For concrete storage space systems, we can give you one of the most economical methods for full storage space as well as a load-out center. As well as supply trusted product circulation. For sand storage space, we give a full storage space and also load-out centers.

  • Limestone Storage Tank Solution

For lime storage space, we lead the market in complete storage space systems for sedimentary rock, lime, moisturized lime, pebble lime, as well as quicklime applications. Our mineral tank is built with distinct specialist devices. The steel sheet in the external silo body is seamed to a spiral convex band with a density of 30 to 40mm, which is 5 times thick than the sheet itself. This is the double-seamed framework, and also this framework substantially boosted the stamina as well as security of the steel storage tank.
Other tank solution in Petro-Chemical Fluid Storage Steel Tanks, Grain Silos and Grain Storage Steel Tanks, Sand Storage Silos and Steel Tanks, Fly-Ash Storage Tanks and Silos steel tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks and Silos, Cement Storage Steel Tanks and Silos provided by our eminent design and production engineer’s team.

<h3 “Font-size:20px;”>Why Metalberg Steel Industry Storage Tanks and Silos Solutions?

  • Unique Structure
  • Large Capacity
  • Modern designs with all safety equipment
  • Detailed Maintenance Guide and Operation Manuals
  • Cost-efficient Fabrication, Installation, and Commissioning services with limited time storage tanks warranty period
  • Durable, High Strength, Safe, and Secure
  • Customized Fabrication Service
  • International Manufacturing and Quality Standards
  • Various Designs, Size, Capacity, and width storage tanks
  • On-Site and Off-site Fabrication Service
  • More than 10+ year experience as Supervisors, Technical, and Management Team