Kassem Mohamad Ajami Explains How To Reduce Time And Cost-Effective Steel Structure?

Kassem Mohamad Ajami Explains How To Reduce Time And Cost-Effective Steel Structure?

Always use genuine steel lengths

You should always Specify the genuine steel lengths rather than specifying sizes, as it seems like a no-brainer, but it’s too often ignored.

For instance, ordering 22-22 foot sections will be less expensive than ordering 10 20 1/2-foot units. It generally cuts to size, scrapping extra sharp Steel and paying for unusable remnants.

I hope you got our wording.

So always get the right size of steel length which needed.

However, less weight doesn’t always mean less cost. That’s why knowing about Current market conditions, and whether it’s cheaper to order one size over another.

Kind of Remnant material from another job that the fabricator may be happy to unload at a reasonable price.

You should not pay for the wrong material

If we are saying inappropriate material, we meant to say that Steel doesn’t need to be primed or painted unless it will be used as an exposed architectural element exposed to the ingredients in a corrosive environment.

You don’t have to pay for one; that will not come in your usage for long. ¬†Besides, priming and painting add unnecessary costs; apart from this, it can hinder fire protection by making it difficult for fireproofing materials to adhere to the Steel.

Priming and painting will surely increase the steel costs enough to flip the project to another material that appears to be cheaper, right? If you have ever handled these kinds of projects, then you will understand. It isn’t simply painting costs, inconvenience costs, and environmental costs as well.

Fabricators should always be certified

We want to let you know that the cost of each project can be reduced by just specifying Steel from fabricators who are certified rather than simply relying on Steel to be inspected.

The certification focuses on the entire process of fabrication and erection. Certified companies are providing Steel to adhere to a set of AISC standards.

It would be great for you to get well-certified products for your project, as there will be no chances of a negative response ever.

Purchase everything with proper inspection

On average, the total cost of structural Steel represents about 15% of overall project costs; of that, the material itself accounts for 30 to 40%, while the other 70-80% goes to fabrication and erection.

Thus, if structural steel prices were to go up 7%, the cost of the entire steel package would increase only about 2 to 4%. Isn’t it amazing?

Focus on the quality of Steel

You should always pay some different kind of focus on the quality of Steel because this should not be compromised. Whether it will take some more money from your pocket, you have to purchase the Steel in high quality, only if you don’t want to face any issues shortly.

This is the fundamental mistake that almost all architectures and builders make, and literally, this small mistake becomes the reason for significant incidents.

Just do some genuine research, spend your quality time in front of your computer over the internet and get the right product you need for your project. Don’t worry; if we recommend you purchase high-quality Steel, it doesn’t mean that it will charge much more. Many dealers are available in the market who are offering genuine products in a budget-friendly way. But it would be best if you did not compromise, as compromising can lead to high maintenance costs in the future, which will not be suitable for you.


Steel structures should be fireproof

This will result in two things. The first one will be like fireproofing structures that will increase your property’s value and give your property another look. Secondly, it will protect your property from a fire-related accident shortly.

May you be thinking that making the steel structures fireproofing will burn all the money from your pocket, but no, you might be unaware of the advanced technologies of today’s time.

Nowadays, three different types of material are used to make steel structures fireproofing, especially when it needs to be done in a budget-friendly way.

  • Spray applied to fireproof
  • Gypsum board
  • Intumescent paints.