Kassem Mohamad Ajami difference between Laser and Bending cutting?

Kassem Mohamad Ajami difference between Laser and Bending cutting?

Whether it is the steel industry or iron in industry or any other industrial sector. It all has been in this blog for many past years there are no doubts about this.

Just in decades, the procedure of manufacturing was tough because in that particular time that was not that much modern and somewhere that was the reason for which steel, iron, and other metal products was costly in decades.

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As same in this post, we will discuss some new methods that have been introduced in these types of industrial sectors to manufacturing procedures easier and timeless which is much important and that is the reason why it has gained much popularity among st industrial sectors of these modern times.

In the current scenario, there are many different types of modern technologies have been introduced and industries are using all of them with full impact able results.

We can’t consider any of them as a waste technology it’s all worth it.

Here we will discuss the difference between laser and bending cutting. both are different from each other and have different advantages or disadvantages and also comes in different users. so it would be more interesting to differentiate these two methods that come in the uses of industrial sectors.

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Laser cutting, you can consider this is a thermal process in which file for laser beam used to melt a kind of material in a localized area. just imagine how powerful that particular series would be if it can cut the metal with its been. That’s why it’s eating that laser cutting sounds very cool but somewhere it can take someone’s life if this process is not done with professionalism.

Mainly if you’ll see in these present times then there are three types of laser cutting process exist, first one is fusion cutting second was stream cutting and last but not the least remote cutting.

Infusion cutting and inert gas which is nitrogen are used to expel molten material out from the kerf.

As nitrogen gas not suddenly reacts with the molten and therefore as it not reacts exothermically so therefore doesn’t contribute itself to the energy inputs.

But in flame cutting, there is much difference. Here oxygen is mainly used in a form of assist gas and with that, it generally creates an exothermic reaction as in a form of exerting mechanical force on such molten products, and that particular reaction increases the energy input to the whole process.

Now comes remote laser cutting, in this process material that we want to cut, is partially evaporated through the high-intensity laser beam and this allows the thin sheets to cut any material without any assistance gases.

Laser cutting and bending both are much different from each other in laser cutting we used to cut an object apart but in bending we just used to change the particular shape of the material by using such modern methods.

Metal bending is a process through which any kind of metal can easily be deformed by applying certain force that much is needed to bend the material and with that, we can convert such metal into few shapes such as anticipated shape, whcibis like V shape, U shape or other channel shapes.

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