Kasem Ajami Telling How Many Types Of Roofing Sheets Are There?

Kasem Ajami Telling How Many Types Of Roofing Sheets Are There?

Kassem Ajami says as the market is flooded with different options regarding metal roofing sheets, you may be confused as to which could be the best for you to choose from among many options. In this blog, Kassem Ajami, Managing Director of Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria Limited, a metal roofing sheets manufacturer, will tell you about the different types of roofing sheets.

Galvalume Metal Roofing: In today’s roofing, Galvalume roofing sheets are combined of three types of metal namely steel, aluminum, and zinc. The combination of these three metals makes it one of the most chosen metal roofs these days. One of the best parts about galvalume metal roofing sheets is that they have several color options, and especially for homeowners, they are attracted to it because of its color options. They allow more personality for buyers who are trying to match their roofs colors to their homes or business. One of the advantages that galvalume roofs come with is that they are very less expensive. Compared to the other high-quality metal roofing materials, they cost very little and are therefore quite pocket-friendly. Their price can easily range from $75 to $250 per square.

Copper roofing: Copper roofing sheets are considered the grandfather of metal roofing. They have been used for centuries all over the world. If we are talking about the most durable metal in an ideal environment, then copper is the one. It may surprise you that they can easily last up to 200 years. They are 100% recyclable and therefore make us one of the best green roof options. They are extremely soft metal, but modern installation practices help make them an ideal choice in an ideal environment. The downside of copper metal sheets is that they are extremely expensive and have a tendency to expand and contract with changes in temperature.

Aluminum Sheet Metal: Being one of the most prevalent metals in the world, it is used in the canned beverage industry. It is considered the third most abundant metal on earth, and that is why in the metal roofing industry it is a popular roofing choice. It is especially used in projects related to the seas and the saltwater environment. It is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and is one of the most sustainable metals in the world and therefore has become such a popular roofing choice for structures. Aluminum Metal Roofing sheet is highly recyclable and has a strength that it does not easily corrode or rust. It has average pricing. But there is also a word of warning here that natural color, denting, and thermal movement are its downside.

Zinc metal sheets: Extremely durable and with properties such as corrosion resistance and lower melting point, zinc sheet metal sheets have become a very popular choice among roofing sheet manufacturers and industrialists. Its natural properties are what make it highly favored among commercial projects, and it has the ability to be manipulated in desired ways. The eco-friendliness of the zinc metal sheets is one of the points in favor to highlight. It is one of those materials that will greatly reduce your costs because it has good heating and cooling properties and because it is one of the most energy-efficient metals, easy to maintain, and easy to form, architects and contractors use it often. But the disadvantage of zinc roofing is that it is expensive and has corrosion properties.