Best Piling Pipe Manufacturer And Suppliers In Nigeria

Best Piling Pipe Manufacturer And Suppliers In Nigeria

What Are The Piling Pipes

Getting a skyscraper built by you, looking for the best support material or someone has told you to use the Piling pipes. Or are you looking for What are the Piling Pipes and what are the uses, you are at the right place. Before getting to know about its benefits, you must know What are the Piling Pipes.

Steel pipe piles are mostly used as casing for marine structures (ports and offshore platforms), urban civil structures, infrastructure such as bases and abutments of oil and gas plants, bridges, and even
for rugged piles of concrete.

Steel pile pipe transfers the vertical load of a building or structure to directly to the stable soil levels. They are in high demand due to the scale-up in the volume of construction projects requiring deep and large foundations. It is mandatory in many construction projects, especially infrastructure, which are located in bodies of water, which of course require foundations to penetrate the foundations.

For the designers, main benefit of steel pile pipes is the versatility of options using a wide range of custom designs (lengths, diameters and thicknesses) to suit various engineering needs.

On site, they are easier to install than other materials such as concrete piles, so with steel pipe piles, construction cost and time will automatically be reduced. They produce lesser ground disturbances and less noise, less vibration during penetration, and zero to minimal breakage.

In multiple cases, steel pipe piles are used as horizontal earth in addition to vertical loadbearing as foundation piles, or water-pressurized walls, such as steel pipe, pipe interlocking walls or mostly steel pipe sheets, Pile interlocking wall.

The combination wall systems of Steel pipe sheet pile are typically installed in cofferdams, retaining walls, breakwaters, and sea walls. It uses king pipe piles as main pipe members, while steel sheet piles provide cut-off as interfile panels and main soldier piles transfer load to structural members.

Pipe piling has grown manifold in popularity and execution since the late 1980s. It was a series of intensive tests to show how efficient the load-bearing piling of pipe piling was, so the civil building industry flourished. If you have heavy loads or deep foundation structures you need to be aware of the pipe deposits in your industry.

This description explains the basic fundamentals of how piling works and how optimization can be done for better construction and deeper foundations. Contact us for the better information and deeper overview.

Basic Features

Pipe piling is a piling type which is simple, easy to understand. A prefabricated steel tube structure is penetrated into the ground directly, it is done usually with large hampers. Piling stays in place, mainly through the friction of soil. Piling design varies according to the condition of the ground and requirement of the support so that the piling system can be adapted to specific needs.

Since they are made of steel, they can bear extremely heavy loads and the right choice of steels can make their environmental conditions virtually indestructible. Various options also allow customers to obtain the most efficient material for pipe piles.

piling pipe
What Are Piling Pipes

Types of piling pipes

Although conduction pipes are involved in all different piling processes, different soil conditions and structural requirements are better suited to different types of conduit piles. Here are some of the most common photos:

  • Open-ended Unplugged –Since these pipes are completely open from both the ends, after installation the floor level need to be the same inside and outside the pipe. Mainly through the friction, they transfer their load to the stable soil level or deeper ground.


  • Open-ended plug –At the bottom of the pipe, there is a plug. Due to this, the correct amount of ground inside the tube is less than that outside the tube.


  • Bottom Platform – This is one of the most common plugged stacks. The steel platform is welded to the bottom end. The plate is slightly designed to increase friction and sliding compression. They are used in rocky areas where there is a minimum layer of soil in rock and pile.


  • Rock Shoe Steel Pipe – This is also the common plug besides the bottom platform. Rock shoes act similarly to the stainless plates but are these are used when the stack contacts a rocky surface. Equipped shoes holds the full load and prevent the slipping effect off the rocky area.


  • Frankie’s Pipe Pile – Frankie’s piles are meant to be permanent. They can stand a stronger driving impact than their counterparts with moist concrete fillings.

Metalberg Manufacturing Limited specializes in structural steel pipe and piling and is proud to serve Nigeria from our various stocking locations. With over 20 years of industry experience, Metalberg Manufacturing Limited is your best “First-Call-Solution” for Piling Pipe manufacturers.

We stock a wide selection of inventory in sizes ranging from 2 3/8″ to 72″OD. Pipes in various wall thicknesses. In addition, we stock a large inventory of Piling Pipes in various specific lengths. Our large inventory allows us to fill orders quickly, with new ingredients arriving every day.

Our vast in-stock inventory, our plasma cutting facilities, our CWB W47.1 certified welding facilities, and our ability to fill customer-specific orders by rolling pipe with our global partners in the steel industry has made Metalberg Manufacturing Limited industry leader in the structural industry, became the leader of Steel pipe and piling market.

We are proud to provide piling for some of the largest projects in the Nigeria. Metalberg Manufacturing Limited supplies structural steel pipe and piling for driven foundations, screw piles, fencing, rat holes, auguring, water wells, road crossings, casings, mining, horizontal directional drilling, tunneling, and many other applications.

Metalberg Manufacturing Limited supplies a wide variety of Steel Pipe Piles to all around Nigeria, hence called as the best Piling Pipe manufacturers and Suppliers in Nigeria. And Metalberg Manufacturing Limited also manufactures some of the best piling pipes, hence their workers are also known as one of the best piling pipe manufacturers in Nigeria.

We manufacture the finest steel pipe piles and deliver them fully fabricated with our value-added services and accessories, so they are ready to drive. Pipe piles range from several millimeters to several meters in diameter and can be easily split to form piles over 100meters in length.

Metalberg Manufacturing has been engaged for many years as the preferred supplier, designer, and installer of Sheet Piles, Beams, Pipe Piles, Structural Steel Fabrics, and other Piling Accessories. It has delivered thousands of tons of pipe piling worldwide.

Quality not only use for our items but also for our persons. Most of the people who signed up with us upon its construction are still part of our home today. We keep doing what we do best – to certify the best quality stainless-steel plumbing with customer’s specifications.

It doesn’t happen by accident, yet intentionally. Our piling pipe manufacturer service remains focused on broadening manufacturing capability along with buying innovation to meet customer needs. Our concept of success is not only that we accomplish our goals, but also that we persevere in adherence to our resolute high-quality plan to fine-tune our objectives.

Being a top piling pipe supplier in Nigeria and various other international markets, shields our dedication to fostering the setting in which we operate as well as adhering to the high standards of high quality. Our group makes use of their simple concepts as well as their experience in fitting the best stainless-steel sheet for your item. We are dedicated to continuous progress with respect to introducing the most current innovations to the production process.

Metal Berg Manufacturing is the best company in Nigeria, a member of Sabah Steel Industrial Nigeria Limited. We are specialized in all steel fabrication and fabrication. The main product is PEB (Pre-Engineered Building) from steel. Under PEB, we will have godown and multi-story steel structures.

We provide a wide range of services which include:

Fabrication and fabrication of steel structures, Silos, and tanks, Manufacture of cylinders and overhead cranes, TMT rebars, Shipwrapping

Excellent Quality

Our growth and relevance in the industry today attests to the acceptance of our products amongst our customers and the public. Standards Quality Assurance Labs are very clear at our facilities when we follow standards