Ajami Kassem Explains The Difference Between Carbon Steel And Cold Steel?

Ajami Kassem Explains The Difference Between Carbon Steel And Cold Steel?

Ajami Kassem explain In recent times, we have used steel for many decorative purposes apart from making buildings, dishes, and many more things. But in an earlier time, it was only used for the construction of the building. After some time in the early 1990s, steel production became a little more efficient, and the advanced technologies and techniques also made steel quality stronger. Steel production rapidly increases by about millions of tons annually.  Metal is one of the most valuable materials in the whole world. In the current situation, the need for steel is too broad as it has muscular strength and a shiny effect.

Do you know that we are using steel to become the fourth most commonly used metal? It is playing a significant role in the country’s economy. Keep on reading our informative blog to know how steel is produced in the present time and how it will produce in the future.

There are many different types of steel available in today’s world, as we all know that.

But in this post, we will discuss the significant difference between one of the most concrete forms of steel, Carbon steel, and Cold steel.

So, if you are interested, keep on reading without keeping your eyes aside from the post; we will let you know. Let’s take a deep look.

First, we will briefly discuss carbon steel, okay.

Which has their three parts and each has its different uses or features, for which they are famous.

To make you’re clear about three different types of carbon steel, we have classified the points below, have a look.

  • Low carbon steel

The first one is low-carbon steel. You may have heard that name before, but this one is also known as ‘mild steel.’ People who are from this steel industry used to say that low carbon steel is one of the cheapest steels which are now available in the market, apart from this low carbon steel is very easy to bend and to give any shape that makes this the perfect choice for reinforcement bars, sheet, concrete and in other related projects.

This didn’t get rust. That’s why it can be easily found in kitchens in the form of cookware or dishes; low carbon steel is used as the dishes compared to other steel because it doesn’t get rust even after coming in contact with moisture.


  • Medium carbon steel

It has been given the name medium carbon steel because somewhere, this one is slightly stronger than the low carbon steel, as it contains a much higher carbon component than the lower one. Let me clarify, medium carbon steel contains 0.31% to 60% carbon component on it, but on the other hand, low carbon steel contains 0.04% to 0.30% of carbon component. But it still has numerous uses because of its higher strength or wears resistance, making it perfect for manufacturing car parts or other industrial usage machines.

Suppose these three metals, chromium, nickel, or molybdenum, can be added to medium carbon steel to increase its stress resistance on a peak level. In that case, it will become perfect for manufacturing vital steel items such as studs or gears.


  • High carbon steel

Now comes one of the strongest carbon steels, high carbon steel, which is more inflexible as well. The reason for its strongness is that high carbon steel contains more and more carbon components than the other two carbon sheets of steel. Let me show you as it has between 0,60% to 1.4% of carbon components in it, and with that, if some amount of alloy would be added to this, it can change the whole properties of high carbon steel.

For avoiding corrosion on its surface, chromium or magnesium should also be added to it.

This type of carbon steel becomes more challenging after coming in contact with heat, but if it is heated continuously for a long, then it will become brittle, so make sure about this.

While on the other hand, cold steel is a more uncompromising metal, and because of its flexibility and strongness, it comes in the use of swords, knives, and some other material like this.

Both carbon and cold steel have different natures and come with different uses, as both have other properties, advantages, and disadvantages.